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by Thunderclap!



Featuring 832 (non-recurring) lyrics, "Epidemication" tells the tale of a man falling into madness during the pandemic.

Brand new single off the album "Strange Songs for Strange Times", releasing May 2022!

Check out the music video on my YouTube channel!


Call it a premonition, call it what you want, but for
One full year prior to the outbreak, every single morning I'd wake up with a looming sense of doom descending upon me- with a great & choking force!
And strangely- each morning after that, rat-a-tat tat,
My waking up was met with a comforting calm and
peaceful understanding.

The times they're looking bad, and things are looking weird,
Every morning when I step outside, Joe’s standing right there.
Yes he greets me every morning, with a brand new catchy phrase,
Like, “It's crime time baby!” No way Joe, I says!

First of all, keep your voice down, they're listening! And secondly, there's cameras everywhere! Things will turn around, you know the world ain't fair, it never was,
Will it be anytime soon? Probably not! Still, you and I, we got a lot.

I don't know about you but I'm feeling lonely, scared, bored and horny!
It's an odd combination, but it's a document of sorts!
Apparently, a swarm of nogoodniks are roaming the downtown streets and causing strife.
What do you expect? A good percentage of the world's work force are stuck at home right now, and if idle hands are truly the devils playground, well, you know, chaos looms at it stands,
So just take a breath and watch from a far- it's out of our hands!

Yes, the times are looking bad, the news is all pervasive, the mood is TENSE & the air is so thick that you could chop it with an axe!
Don't get any ideas Joe, the rock n' roll's already cranked to the max & we don't need it any louder than it already is!
Yeah, I do what I can to lighten the despair at moments like this and I rib Joe by spouting,
"Isn't there some illegal weapons that need to be purchased somewhere?"
And as the side of his mouth curls up, a pesky energy emerges & Joe does a little dance while he sings…

When the ship goes down, ya' better be ready. (x4)

Okay, whatever Joseph.
Christ almighty, marvy Mohammed, and lovin' Lord Vishnu!
At least Joe’s smilin' while he's singing that crazy song!
EKH! It's creepy!

We’re right there in the middle, A lot to lose, a lot to gain,
No, it ain't crime time baby, No not yet anyway.
But I do know what you’re saying, how things are looking grim,
The game of life's also a game of chance; sometimes we lose, sometimes we win.

And if things don't pick up, there always plan B.
Heroin and cyanide for you and me.
But the good news for us all, is that the rich want to stay rich, and if the poor and middle-class do die, the richy rich? They can't survive!

It's an Epidemication, a health department violation,
It's a hairy situation, I try to rise above swearing out in public,
But fuck it, don't you know that it was a god who put all those words in my mouth?!
Fuck it north & fuck it south! MK ULTRA, Roger Smith and Charles Manson, CHECK IT OUT!
AND if we weren't all skeezed out enough, Time seems to be standing still,
That dead man in the street had a name, and his name was Dirty Phil!

Damn the lack, and damn the news! But it seems the adults are misbehaving AGAIN; their corruption is absolute! There’s protests in the streets, and there's black birds, yellow birds, all sorts of birds singing in the dead of night, and it's almost unbelievable. You're telling me that racism still exists? Well, is it any wonder that the disenfranchised are pissed?!
It's like my neighbours who hate me because they simply don't know me, the general lack of imagination must be spotlighted here! I guess it's like THAT but times 10, yet so very much more than that, over and over again!

BING BANG dica dica DING DANG, breath, breath, breath, breath, breath, breath , ba-ba-
ba-ba-ba-ba-ba- ba breathhhhhhhh.
Peace and calm, prayers to you all.

I'm getting a bit tired now, A hot shower and some Netflix,
An ice pack and a sip and I'll be back counting sheep,
Saying some prayers, and crying myself back to sleep!

Although later on, it's later in the wee small hours that I'll tend to my devastated crop of thoughts, that’s wrought with the humble dreams that I dare not to re-imagine.
And that comforting calm and peaceful understanding I mentioned, oh 7 minutes back there and around?

Well perhaps we're in the eye of the hurricane, so to plan is fruitless, to predict is inane!
It's an Epidemication, a worn and weirded out staycation.


released November 1, 2021
Produced, mixed and mastered by Joe Lapinski (WOW! Recording Studio)

Featuring, MEGA (bass guitar), TJ Rogers (percussion) and Joe Cleary (additional vocals).


all rights reserved



Thunderclap! Niagara Falls, Ontario

Niagara Falls' THUNDERCLAP is a one-man band exploring surreal themes with catchy tunes, exhilarating live shows and thought-provoking lyrics.

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